Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm bad at keeping up on this...

So I'm bad at keeping up on this, and I'm pretty sure no one reads it anyhow, but that is okay with me. It gives me a place to write down what's going on. So here's what has been going on lately.

The week of thanksgiving, I spent in Flanagan. It was a much needed break from things and I got to spend some great time with Jeff and some friends. It was supposed to be a week off of work, but I ended up forking 3 out of four days, which is okay with me. I ended up getting an eye infection, but that is all cleared up now. Thank goodness it was a very slight infection and was better within a few days. The Monday of Thanksgiving, Jeff and I ended up spending some time with Reid at Smith's, its always a good time with him. Thanksgiving day we were able to each luch with my family and then dinner with his family. It was a good day and we got to see Bobby, he surprised everyone by being home. He is leaving soon for Iraq (Keep him in your prayers!)

Saturday Jeff and I attended the wedding reception of my high school friend, Cory and his new wife Lauren. It was a nice casual reception, as they were married back in Feb. in TN. It was great to get to see him and meet Lauren, I don't think I had seen Cory in about 3 or 4 years! Later that night we headed back to Flanagan and went out with Reid and his fiance Katie. She is a great person, and we are excited for their July wedding. They were just engaged a few weeks ago so they are early in the planning stages, but Katie was telling us all about it!

On another note, this weekend (Dec. 13th) my baby brother is getting married. He is marrying Kelli Embry at Calvary United Methodist Church in Normal. So this past weekend was really busy finishing up final details and getting everything together for the wedding. We are all pretty excited to have everyone together. Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dennis, Phil, Whitney, and Aiden are all flying in from New Hampshire on Friday to be here for the wedding---Wedding pictures will be posted in a future post for sure!!!

This week is finals week, and I couldn't be more excited. I have two finals done, and have accounting on Wednesday. I am doing pretty good, as I have basically a day and a half to finish my studying for it. I was really worried about my finance class, but I worked really hard and made it through, got a C, but that is all I needed.

I'm off to study and work on editing some pictures for mom.


here are some pictures from recently:

Kuba is getting big- 50.5 lbs. at 16 weeks!

Sid is in uncle Neil's wedding---he is going to be adorable this weekend, he loves his tux!

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Wow --- so many weddings going on!!!

Kuba is too cute!