Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow I need to update more....

I haven't posted since I have a ton to update readers with!

In July, Jeff and I got engaged. The big day is 08.21.10!!! We have lots of things planned so far. Our ceremony will be at St. John's Lutheran Church in Flanagan. The reception will be at the Pontiac Elk's Country Club ( We have our photographer, DJ, rehersal dinner, florist booked also. Still working on a baker for the day. I have begun to look at dresses and asked my bridesmaids so we are well under way.

The beginning of August my mom and I attened the baby shower for my great friend Jen in Oswego. Jen's mom and sister's in law hosted the party. Mom and I were able to go up the night before and spend time with Jen and Carol and get to catch up on things.

On August 29th, my younger brother Neil's baby, Madelyn Grace was welcomed to the world. She came in at 8 lbs. 12 oz and 19 inches with a ton of hair! Neil is a very proud daddy!

We celebrated Jeff's birthday on August 30th with a day at home not doing much of anything!

A few days later, On September 2nd my birthday, I got one of the best wake-up calls ever. My friend Jen had delivered her baby! From the time she found out she was pregnant she told me she was going to have the baby on my birthday. Well she knew best, she went into labor and had a gorgeous little boy Noah. He will forever be my Birthday Buddy, and I his Auntie Natalie :) I'm so proud to have him as my nephew and share my birthday with him!!

Here is one of me and Noah during his first trip to Saybrook to visit Auntie Natalie, Grandma Pfoff, and meet Madelyn and the rest of the crew.

It was such a great time to have Jen and Noah come visit and I can't wait to go visit them again and see the changes in Noah. That is all for now. I promise I will update more often :)