Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just updating

This week has been pretty good so far...well it's only Tuesday so we'll see what the rest of the week brings. Last weekend we had Sid all weekend while Nathan and Jena were out doing other stuff. He is just too funny! His favorite word is "MA" and not just saying it he has to scream it all of the time. If you say what he will say hi and wave at you--adorable.

Only a few more weeks until Neil's wedding. We put Sid's tux on him and it fits perfectly and he looks so grown up in it.

Last weekend I stayed at mom and dad's and just hung out. I found out last week that I actually didn't have to take my advertising class because it was just going to be extra credits that I didn't need. So needless to say I dropped that class and I'm only taking 3 classes now and I feel like I have a lot of extra time. All of that extra time is being put towards my finance class that is kicking my butt :(. Next week is a week off of school for Thanksgiving, I'm ready for a break for sure. Oh yea, I was informed last week that I am on track to graduate in May so hopefully May 10th I will be a college graduate :) That's too exciting to say

Last- shout out to Reid and Katie- Congratualtions- wish you a very happy life together.

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